Here are the reasons our clients choose and recommend Birmingham Consulting:

  • The cyber security and cyber resilience of your business are our TOP PRIORITIES.
  • We focus on PREVENTION, not reaction. The best support ticket is the one that NEVER HAPPENED!
  • We are RISK-ADVERSE when it comes to our clients; so we “eat our own dog food”. Everything we recommend is already being used or is tested by us internally.  OUR CLIENTS ARE NEVER A GUINEA PIG FOR NEW TECHNOLOGY!
  • We do one thing really well: core networked computer systems. We DON’T DO office phones, websites, alarm systems, software, fax, IoT, security cameras, building automation, or audio/visual.  BUT if you want your network, firewall, servers, computers, mobile phones, email, cloud, cyber security, and support to be ROCK SOLID, that’s what we do.
  • We understand your world. In fact, our world is your world: tight schedules; staffing & labour challenges; coordinating suppliers and equipment; changeovers; maintenance; shipping & receiving; job safety; uptime – the list goes on...  Understanding all of that with almost 30 years industry experience means that “WE GET IT!”
  • We are TRANSPARENT TO A FAULT. We don’t make many mistakes; but when we do, we own them; and we expect everyone we work with to do the same.
  • The RIGHT WAY trumps the cheap way every time. Doing things right for your business is more important to us than making a few extra dollars.
  • We are committed to improving your business.  Our continuous improvement process is PROVEN and SCALABLE.  When we make an improvement for Client A, we also roll it out to Client B, C, D, and every other client.  As the saying goes: “The tide rises all boats.”