One of the key components of our True Managed methodology is ongoing Technology Usage Training for clients.  We focus on topics relevant to your business with both self-guided online training as well as in-person/live training.

According to statistics, humans need to hear something up to 6 times before we remember it.  For that reason, our program is continuous for the entire time we work with clients, not just for new systems or upgrades.

We know that participating in ongoing education is a significant time investment for our clients. So what’s the payback?  Based on client feedback, the biggest benefits they’ve seen are:

  • Efficiency of work
  • Security of information
  • Self-sufficiency of staff

Education and continuous improvements can’t account for all possible scenarios, so our support staff is ready to assist.

But our approach to support is a little different:  There’s no such thing as first-, second-, and third-level support tiers at Birmingham Consulting.  Our entire support group consists of techs that would be considered Tier 3 anywhere else.  And more importantly, they are tenacious at chasing down resolutions.