I’ve received positive comments over the years about both our logo and tagline; and I often get asked if there is any significance to the 9 dots. The answer is yes, there is!

When seeing the price paid by organizations whose IT providers were unfocused firefighters, Christina and I decided that it was time to pursue this business back in 2009. That's when I engaged a graphics designer to create a logo. He went one step further; not only creating a logo but also convincing me to name the company Birmingham Consulting. (Up to this point, I had loosely been referring to the company as “Sabbec Systems”. “Sabbec” is an acronym comprised of the initials of both Christina’s name and my own.)

With the company name decided, he could create a logo and focused on “Birmingham” as inspiration. This led him to researching Birmingham, England. I remember sitting in the William’s Café on the Hamilton Waterfront as he said to me “There’s not much interesting in Birmingham. But I did find this cool mall covered in circles.”

He showed me a picture of the Bullring Mall in Birmingham. My inside voice was screaming “What does this have to do with IT?”

He smiled patiently and continued “All those circles made me think of Braille – specifically the symbols for I and T.” He proceeded to show me the characters, and then he truly had my interest.

At this point, he said “If you overlap the symbols, you get this:”

He had me. I was sold. With a little stylizing, our logo was born.