“Old Vs. New” Reimagined Photo of 21 Mill Street North by John Lepp and J. Peter Vance (Original Photo)

Birmingham Consulting has the privilege of conducting business in a historical building within the heritage district of Waterdown, Ontario, at 21 Mill Street North.

A wooden church was first built on the site in the 1830’s. But after 30 years, the building was showing it’s age so the congregation opted to replace it with a new single-storey stone structure in 1865.

Though bigger, the new building only contained the sanctuary; so Sunday School was operated at 296 Dundas St. E. in Waterdown. In 1885, the church consolidated locations by expanding the church with a 2-storey addition at the back of the property.

The building is truly unique within Waterdown. Unlike most stone structures of the era where limestone was shaped into rectangles or squares during construction, both the initial building and the expansion used “raw” field stone. The result is a beautifully unique random stone pattern on every wall.

We acquired the property in mid-2017 and after further repairs, upgrades, and re-zoning, we moved into the main level of the 1865 expansion at the rear of the building. The internal layout changed slightly with the previous owner; but they kept the overall historical look and feel. We’ve also tried to honour the building’s heritage with our own repairs and upgrades, blending history with modern technology.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to conduct business from one of Waterdown’s landmarks. Located in the core of Waterdown, we have one of the largest parking areas of any property in the core, and are easily accessible. Feel free to visit our offices and enjoy a piece of history!