There are managed IT service providers and then there are IT services managed Like IT Should Be®.  Birmingham Consulting's methodology ensures that all areas of your IT are proactively managed and administered on a scheduled basis.

The goals:

  • Protect your business
  • Eliminate support tickets
  • Empower your staff

So, what are the two biggest benefits that our Like IT Should Be® suite of managed IT services can have on your business?

  1. Our clients are able to recover up to 12 additional hours of productivity every month.
  2. No surprises. Updates & upgrades are planned, not implemented as a reaction to a problem.


Continuous Improvement

The continuous improvement process built into our methodology is focused on you, our client – just Like IT Should Be®.  This means instead of focusing our efforts on constantly shortening response times or answering the phone in one ring or less, we focus our efforts on improving your systems so that you don’t need to call in the first place!

The best support ticket for your business is the one that never happened – you can’t have a faster response time than that!

We constantly update our own standards to keep up to date with industry standards and best practices.  Technology changes rapidly; so when new information becomes available that will help our clients – whether it be a simple software update or a complex security policy – we don’t wait for a problem to trigger the improvement, we get it into the maintenance schedule.

The great news for you is that all of this happens behind-the-scenes.


Quality Ingredients in an IT Chocolate Cake

When you’re baking a chocolate cake and you leave out just one ingredient, use the wrong amount of something or maybe even change brands - you will dramatically alter the quality of the cake, if not ruin it altogether.

Master bakers follow proven recipes to serve delicious cakes every time. That’s not to say they don’t look for ways to “up their game” to make it better.  But any changes are still evaluated and taste-tested before they serve it.

The same is true with our managed IT services – we follow a proven “chocolate cake” recipe (i.e. IT services and products we serve) that yields a quality cake every time. Like IT Should Be®

We don’t deviate from our recipe because we aren’t willing to compromise the quality of your IT or jeopardize our clients’ businesses.

When we do change the recipe for our IT “chocolate cake”, it’s only after thorough internal testing or because a base ingredient no longer delivers the results we expect.