Are you in the following industries?

  • Construction or demolition
  • Light manufacturing
  • Transportation, logistics, 3PL
  • Custom fabricating
  • Scrap or recycling
  • Skilled trades
  • Property maintenance
  • Industrial or commercial services

Our clients typically make, build, or fix things in Southern Ontario and have at least 10 staff members who use and depend on IT every day to be productive in roles like estimators, engineers, administration, finance, field supervisors, site superintendents, sales, health & safety and HR.

They rely on a wide range of industry-specific applications to get the job done – from AutoCAD, BIM, SolidWorks and MicroStation, to Jonas, B2W, and Heavy Bid, to Mayer, Yardi, QuickBooks, and Sage, to Fleet Maintenance Pro, Paladin, Fullbay, Axon and more.

Some of our clients have in-house IT and rely on us as part of their extended team to assist with projects, covering vacations and overflow.

Let's have a conversation if any of these statements sound like they could apply to you:

  • Worried about what they're hearing in the news about ransomware reaching epidemic proportions
  • Concerned about how well their staff understand how important they are when it comes to protecting the business
  • Fed-up with nagging issues that, as much as you complain to IT, they never seem to get the fixed
  • Angry with or disappointed about how long it takes to hear back from someone when they have an IT question or problem.
  • Frustrated with IT always asking for more money without noticeable improvements
  • Disappointed that IT people seem to be too focused on technology and really don't seem to understand the needs of the business

If you answered YES to any of these questions.  We need to talk.

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