Are you in the following industries?

Construction or demolition
Light manufacturing
Transportation, logistics, 3PL
Custom fabricating

Scrap or recycling
Skilled trades
Property maintenance
Industrial or commercial services

Our clients are typically in Southern Ontario and have 30 or more staff members who use and depend on IT every day to be productive, in roles like estimators, engineers, administration, finance, field supervisors, site superintendents, sales, health & safety and HR.

They rely on a wide range of industry-specific applications to get the job done – from AutoCAD, SolidWorks and MicroStation, to Jonas, B2W, and Heavy Bid, to Mayer, QuickBooks, and Sage, to Fleet Maintenance Pro, Paladin, Fullbay, Axon and more.

Some of our clients have in-house IT and rely on us as part of their extended team to assist with projects, covering vacations and overflow.

Let’s have a conversation if any of these statements apply to you:

  • Angry about constant firefighting by IT instead of proactively planning to prevent problems.
  • Disappointed with remote access problems causing inability to effectively work from outside the office.
  • Anxious about important private and confidential information being secure.
  • Worried that you could show up to work one day, systems are down, and there's no contingency plan for the business to function.
  • Concerned that the business has outgrown the technology that is currently in place OR Upset that despite significant investment, productivity hasn't improved; and costs are more than expected.
  • Unhappy with computer people not understanding my business needs and instead putting unneeded gadgets into my system.
  • Upset that there never seems to be any forward planning for IT, so I never have an adequate budget allocated.
  • Disappointed that IT systems seem to be piecemealed together instead of following an overall strategy.
  • Concerned that as good as the in-house IT team is, they are stretched too thin.

If you answered YES to any of these questions.  We need to talk.

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