Do you work with business clients?

Yes.  Our expertise is with technology in a small business environment.  We leave home customer support to other firms.

How big are your clients?

We cater to the small and medium business (SMB) market.  Typically, our clients have 10-50 computers and up to 3 offices.

Do you provide after-hours support?

Yes!  We offer various support options with our monthly support clients

Do you design websites?

No.  Our focus is on the technology within your office such as computers, servers, smartphones, routers, etc.  However, if you need a website, “we know people” and can introduce you to them.

Do you install cabling?

We have installation partners that specialize in the installation of communication cabling for networks as well as any associated electrical work.

Do you host websites or email?

No.  We are not an internet service provider or web hosting company.  We will work with whomever you are currently using for your email and website needs.  On the other hand, if you're looking for a hosting company, we can make recommendations for you.

Do you work with phone systems?

Yes and No.  Our expertise is with the “data” side of technology so we don’t specialize in configuring, installing, or supporting phone systems.  However, we will work with your phone provider to optimize your network for VOIP phones so they can share the same network as your computers and maintain optimal performance.

Do you offer alternate forms of payment?

Yes.  In addition to the traditional form of payment (i.e. a business cheque), we accept electronic and credit card payments.  However, we're finding that more and more clients are opting to lease their equipment rather than purchase it all at once - even for small purchases.  If you are considering leasing and don't already have a relationship with a leasing company, we can make introductions on your behalf. 

Do you support the local community?

Yes!  We believe in giving back to our community.  The company founder was involved in charitable work long before starting the business so it only makes sense for Birmingham Consulting to reflect those values.  That's why you will find links to some of the charities we support on our website.