To our clients, IT isn’t an expense, it’s a strategic business investment.

Scott Birmingham knows what it costs a business when its systems aren’t managed properly, because he’s been in your shoes. An engineering technologist by training, Scott switched to IT when he saw the price paid by organizations whose IT providers were firefighters, not strategic thinkers.

He founded Birmingham Consulting in 2009. Since then, the company has grown to a six-person full-service information technology service provider offering results-oriented IT solutions to businesses and non-profit organizations in Hamilton, Halton, Niagara, Wellington, Peel, Brant, Waterloo, Haldimand, Norfolk and Oxford.

If your IT provider spent 50-75% less time reacting, what could you get checked off your wish list?

Our goal is to reduce your support needs month over month. This frees your people up to focus on doing their best work, and frees us up to focus on monitoring and improving your systems. We emphasize best-in-breed (but off-the-shelf) simplicity over custom complexity, people over gadgets and proactive planning over support tickets. We aren’t a 24/7 support shop for two good reasons. First, we want a healthy work-life balance for our employees. Second, we’d rather prevent fires than fight them, and we figure prevention can be done during regular business hours.

We value hard conversations, humility, a sense of humour (situationally appropriate, of course), and continuous improvement. We have a strong, client-focused culture and work hard to align technology with both our clients’ business objectives and industry best practices. Like in the movie A Band of Brothers, we have each other’s backs—and that includes our community. We support a number of non-profit organizations with hardware and services because, for us, doing well means doing good.

We may charge more per month than our competition, but our clients recognize the value they’re receiving.

Want to experience IT like IT should be? Let’s talk.


Year founded



Scott Birmingham


Waterdown, Ontario



Area covered

A 90-minute drive from Waterdown

Ideal client size

30 or more employees who use technology daily

Help desk availability

Regular business hours (after-hours support available for an extra charge)

Payment model

Monthly all-in price (excluding special projects)


Providing high value services that support client growth