Scott Birmingham, Principal Consultant

Scott Birmingham knows what it costs a business when its systems aren’t managed properly. Building on 20 years of engineering experience, Scott switched to IT when he saw the price paid by organizations whose IT providers were unfocused firefighters.

For over 10 years and counting, Birmingham Consulting continues to be the information technology service provider of choice for results-oriented businesses across Southern Ontario.

If your IT provider spent 50-75% less time reacting, what could you get checked off your wish list? 

Our goal is to reduce your support needs month over month; freeing up your people up to focus on doing their best work; and frees us up to focus on improving your systems.

We emphasize best-in-breed (but off-the-shelf) simplicity over custom complexity, people over gadgets, and proactive planning over support tickets.

We value hard conversations, humility, a sense of humour (situationally appropriate, of course), and continuous improvement.  We have a strong, client-focused culture and work hard to align technology with both our clients’ business objectives and industry best practices.

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