Where We Serve

Over the years, business owners have grown frustrated with the quality and level of service in the IT industry.  Over and over again they've been at the mercy of inadequate or over-complicated technology. To make matters worse, it seemed as though small & medium businesses (SMBs) and non-profits suffer more than anyone – often times at the hands of an under-qualified and over-eager hobbyist…the Gadget Geek™.

Gadget Geek™ [Gad-jet Geek]
- noun

  1. An eager technology enthusiast that likes computers a lot but knows just enough about them to be dangerous.
  2. Frequently suggests technology purchases because they are cool and without further explanation.
  3. May or may not look like the Apple Guy.
  4. Primary language: “geek” instead of “business”.

For Scott, the goal was simple, IT should be better. 

Birmingham Consulting intends to bring an end to the era of the Gadget Geek™.  We were founded with the goal of bringing corporate-class IT services to SMBs – without the corporate-class headaches.

We believe that when it comes to information technology for SMBs, the bar can be raised.  Instead of simply being word processing, spreadsheets, and email, IT can be a strategic business asset that differentiates from the competition and drive business growth.

Our focus is local business.  Too often, IT is a faceless entity at the other end of the phone.  We’re not.  Though we perform a lot of work remotely, some things are much easier or effective in person.  It may be a little old-fashioned for a high-tech company; but we prefer the personal approach.

 This means that our core service area is Burlington and Hamilton along with their suburbs.  However, when the “fit” is right, we develop relationships with businesses in neighbouring communities such as Oakville, Brantford, and Milton.