IT services provider in Southern Ontario demonstrating measurable business results.

Achieve greater employee productivity, less frustration, and greater freedom to grow your business knowing that your computers and network will not be a concern.

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What if your IT company…

UNDERSTOOD your business and your industry, instead of just understanding your technology?

…had a PROVEN high quality process to follow instead of “shooting from the hip”?

PREVENTED support incidents instead of constantly firefighting?

…Refused to sacrifice QUALITY just to save a few bucks?

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To Schedule A 15-Minute Discovery Call

Let us PROVE to you how Birmingham Consulting’s FOCUSED and PROACTIVE approach

ensures your IT systems are VALUABLE PRODUCTIVITY and GROWTH TOOLS,

not simply a cost of doing business.

  • We do one thing really well: Core Networked Computer Systems
  • We get it. Our world is your world. 30 years of industry experience
  • Our continuous improvement process is PROVEN and SCALABLE
  • We focus on PREVENTION, not reaction. The best support ticket is the one that NEVER HAPPENED!
  • We are RISK-ADVERSE when it comes to our clients; we first test everything on our systems before we deploy to clients!
  • We are TRANSPARENT to a fault. We own our work!
  • The RIGHT WAY trumps the cheap way every time. Doing things right for your business is more important to us than making a few extra dollars.

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Start Expecting MORE From Your IT Service Provider

Mutual Discovery

Are we a fit? Let’s both decide. If not, no problem. If yes, we’ll agree on the path forward.

Gap Analysis

Our management team works with yours to understand your business and what IT needs to be in place. Then we determine how well the existing infrastructure supports you.

Aligning IT with Your Business

We’ll fill-in or bridge any identified gaps between IT and the business objectives, implement any essential updates, and develop a long-term plan.

Ongoing End-User Training and Support

Let’s work together to keep your team productive and protected with regularly scheduled in-person or virtual training; along with everyday support.

Continuous IT and Business Alignment

We make sure that what is put into alignment and secured stays aligned and secured using continuous monitoring, scheduled inspections, and regular checkups.

Anticipate, Predict, and Plan

Nobody wants the downtime, cost, and inconvenience caused by unplanned changes or upgrades. We do everything possible to forecast what’s needed to keep your IT aligned with changes in your business.

Performance Reviews

We’ll meet regularly to make sure that we’re meeting each other’s expectations.

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See what other business stakeholders are saying about us…

Not Just Another Client

Reasons we rely on Birmingham Consulting: “Owning” our IT infrastructure, giving us choices and providing best practice guidance. We feel as though we matter; and are not just another client. The personal connection, openness and transparency of their team is very refreshing. If you’re on the fence about Birmingham, my advice is to go with them – you won’t regret it!

Les Braun Controller
King Paving & Construction

Confidence, Professionalism, Expertise

Simply put, Birmingham Consulting gives us confidence in our IT systems. We have the peace of mind to work on our business and rely on their professionalism and expertise for streamlining our systems to increase our uptime. We know they take our work and the welfare of our business seriously.

Linda Moffatt Triple M Demolition

Truly Like IT Should Be

Birmingham Consulting is an awesome IT firm. We knew when we opened our new office that we needed a strong network infrastructure to support our growth. With Birmingham's help, not only do we have it, we also gained a great business partner.

They worked with us through several business transitions and each time they helped smooth our path. Birmingham makes our lives easier so we never think about our IT: Truly Like IT Should Be.

Jane Davidson Ele-Com Electrical Services

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